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My FAmily

So that is me (middle in the back), with my husband (right) and three kids. My name is Kelly, I am currently 37 years old (2019). This picture was taken at the Komen Walk we do most years in support of my Auntie, who is VERY near and dear to me. She has always been more then my aunt, she has always been more like a mom to me, confidant, best friend and guardian angel. She has been in remission for ten years now, which i thank God for everyday. I don’t know where i would be without her in my life.

Let’s do this in backwards order, start now and work back. I am currently at stay-at-home mom, I’m in school with Ashford University to get my Masters in Psychology. I just started this program, not scheduled to graduate till end of 2020. I finished my Bachelors program in April of 2019. Before that i attended Western Career College in 2008-2010 for my Associate in Science, I also got my certification in Medical Billing because i was going through a divorce and needed to have a career to support my babies. I ended up living with my parents and taking care of my babies, ill father and ill grandparents for the next 5 years. My Mom is retired and my Dad is doing pretty good these days, so the two of them hobble around and take care of each other. Unfortunately my grandpa passed away from Dementia about two years ago, and my grandma decided to move into a nursing facility after he passed. My kids aren’t babies anymore, they are in middle and high school. The last two years, I have been helping my sister by doing daycare of my nephew for her. She has recently put him in daycare/school, so now i am in a position to start trying to get out there in the work world, and eventually start my career when i am done with schooling, testing, and licensure completion stuff. I am really excited about the future, I am leaning towards being a Therapist, but I also debate being a school counselor for middle school or high school aged kids.

There is my husband, who is amazing, but you can learn more about our story on the Relationship stuff page.

Before the amazing husband and beautiful kids, before the schooling and focusing on the future was a lot of unhappy times. I guess we have to work from when i was little back up to this point here. Let’s see if I can do this with just a sort of bullets list explanation. I grew up in a fairly normal middle class family. My parents both worked, I always struggled with my relationship with my Mom. My fifth grade teacher decided to target me the entire year, he would call on me and then when i didn’t answer correctly would say, “this is what a stupid person looks like, she is going to be working her whole life at Mcdonalds.” I broke my leg in seventh grade and was put in home school for the rest of the year.  My middle school was a two story building and most of my classes were upstairs, so it made more sense. Then my parents dropped a bombshell and told me and my sister that we were moving over the summer. We moved to a whole new city, new house, left my friends. I was not happy about this, but had no choice obviously. Things seemed to get a bit better for a little while. Although my relationship with my mother seemed to get worse as i got older. Then in high school this guy that was a grade older then me and always harassing me, decided he was going to follow me into a bathroom and rape me. I didn’t tell anyone, i buried it for 20 years. After it happened, I couldn’t stand being at the same school as him, so i dropped out. After some time of sitting around and being depressed and lost, i got back into night school and got my high school diploma when i was 19 years old.  After that, Ill be honest, I didn’t do much with my life, worked a few jobs, hung out late with friends, got into some trouble here and there. Then when i was 21 i had been dating this guy, we fought a lot, and were off and on, but i found out i was pregnant. So we decided to keep the baby and get married. After that, the fighting continued, we really brought out the worst in each other, but we had two more kids because we were young and dumb and didn’t know any better. In 2008, after three kids and ALOT of fighting, we decided to get a divorce. Almost immediately after that, i started seeing this guy, he was a different kind of dude, and i felt like he was a better dude than i had ever been with. Turns out he was just a whole new, worse kind of crazy psychotic than i had ever been with. He did some real emotional damage over the next five years of our relationship.

That pretty much brings us back up to here…other than, after i moved away from California to Colorado and then back, I almost lost my dad again, but he made it through fortunately. Then I watched my grandpa deteriorate and pass from dementia. Then my Aunt Sandy lost her battle to cancer. She had gotten colon cancer, but had beat that, however all the chemo and radiation she had gave her bone marrow cancer. She wasnt able to fight that one off and died a month after my grandpa passed.

Some happier things about me,  I love writing, cooking, baking, driving with the music blasting. We recently bought a camper trailer and i am so in love with exploring new places and camping out. I love spending time with my husband and kiddos. I love hanging out with my sister, brother in law and nephew.  I am definitely a work in progress, I have struggled with depression and anxiety my entire life, have PTSD from past issues and been in and out of therapy my whole life. As i have gotten older, I have felt the struggle more and more, but the support system i have is amazing. I have a wonderful therapist that took me a while to find. My husband and sister, even my kiddos all support me in my journey to get to a better place mentally. I am always thriving to not let this stuff keep me from enjoying life. Some day i succeed in having a full productive day and others, my success is that i simply got up.

This is Me.