My bit of control

This is me… anyone who knows me knows that’s my hair is constantly changing color. I’m never happy with one color for too long. A lot of people roll their eyes at me because to them i appear as a chick who seems to never be happy or have some weird desire to push my limits where my hairs ability to stay in my head goes. What they don’t see, what they don’t understand is that my hair is one of the few aspects of my life and my being that I and I alone have complete control over. What color, what length, whether or not it’s straight, wavy or curly. In my life I have had many choices made for me and more so, taken from me. Life being what it is, we don’t always get to know the answers to things we are going thru right away. Depression and anxiety take their toll on you, controlling your days and mind sometimes. One of the few things that I get complete say on is my hair, it changes with my moods, much like my eyes. When I am feeling more weighed down by depression/anxiety, stress or life, I tend to want my hair to be darker. When things are going a little easier and I’m not feeling the crushing of depression and anxiety, I tend to move towards blonde or some crazy color. The point of what I am saying is that sometimes people’s expression of themselves and their appearances is more about the things on the inside they can’t change or control. The parts about themselves that they wish they could erase or alter in some way to paint a better picture for their lives. At least that’s what mine is all about.

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