Happy Place


The picture is of the beach down in Santa Cruz.

This is my first happy place. The beach has always had a very calming effect on me. It’s a place I can go sit in the warm sand, breathe in the fresh ocean air, stare out at the endless water and imagine all the depression/anxiety, stress and negativity that i feel leaving my body and washing away in the waves. It’s a sort of reset button for myself. When things feel really tense and overwhelming, I know that I can go there, sit on the beach and when I leave, I will feel energized, a little lighter and like life is more manageable. For about the last year, my anxiety has been so bad that I haven’t been able to make it down to the beach, which was making my depression worse. Fortunately, my husband helped me take baby steps and make a trip down there, since that i have been able to make a few trips now. We just went the other day because he knew that i needed a bit of a reset (which is where I took this picture) and it was exactly what i needed. If it hadn’t been for the sad news i got of someone i know passing the same day we were down there, I would be feeling a lot better right now.

We all have our happy places, that place you can go and just let go of the world around you and recharge your self again. Another happy place i have is in the car blasting music. Where I live, you can pretty much see the mountains all around you in most parts of the city. Part of my self care routine has become taking an evening or two to get out and blast my music, roll the windows down and let the breeze blow through my hair and watch the sun set (usually its in the evening) as I navigate all over my city. My husbands happy place is in the garage, tinkering on his truck. Cars to him are like a puzzle and he loves to dismantle them and put them back together again. Its calming to him. We make time for each other to have the time to spend a night or two in our happy places. Usually the beach is something we try and do once a month together.  Happy places are important, this world tends to be a very hard place to be in most of the time for some of us, so having a happy place and being able to access it fairly regularly is important.

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