Family Vacation

So it is summer vacation! Time to unbury the suitcases, do seventy loads of laundry, make four different lists for packing, spend two days planning, some odd hours of traveling to get to a the hotel and realize you forgot the one thing you really needed. We just did this, the husband was off on a business trip, so the kids and i packed up for four days of fun, then headed off to Reno, Nevada. Thursday was all about relaxing, swimming, and exploring. Friday my sister, brother-in-law and nephew arrived. Then Friday night the hubby joined us. Then the fun really began. Go karts, glow in the dark mini golf, endless hours of arcade games at Circus Circus, swimming at the hotel, wandering around exploring. We ended it with a trip to Boomtown on our way out of town, breakfast then two hours of arcade games. Two hours of Sunday traffic down the mountain and we were home. It was really a very nice vacation. The kids impressed me and interacted with everyone, left their device time to the evenings when they were laying down, followed bedtime rules, and were generally pleasant to be around.  All in all it was a success and I am so happy to have the memories that i got from this trip. I am very aware that my kids are getting older right before my very eyes. Within the next five years they will all be off doing their own thing and I will have trips like this to remember forever.

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