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It’s been a while

So let me be honest, I sometimes have a hard time maintaining my writing. I have about ten unfinished stories i have been writing for about 20 years. I started this blog in 2018, was good at making a few days posts and then poof! It’s my goal to try and overcome that. So please bear with me. As well as, I want to add in some photography with this blog now. I have gotten really into my photography. I thought this would be a good place to share that. I changed the name… this one feels more like me, An Insomniacs Mind…. that’s me. Most of the time i write, it is absolutely in the middle of the night, when the house is quiet, no more people asking me questions or to get them things. Plus, i rarely lay down and fall asleep until 2 am or later. It’s just how it usually goes. Sometimes i fall asleep within thirty minutes, but then wake up after a couple hours and cant go back to sleep. I have tried many different remedies, not a whole lot works. So for now, therapy, self-care routine, writing, journaling, those are my things to get me through.

Ok, lets play a bit of catch up. It’s 3:15 am and i have a busy day today, so probably not gonna be a long one this time. I graduated from my Bachelors program in April 2019, and now i am in my Masters of Arts of Psychology program. I am only in my first week of my second class right now, but i am loving it. Very challenging, but i am finding that is good for me these days. Once that program is done then i am onto my licensing stuff. Not sure what that all entails just yet, but i know its still a journey. Looking forward to sharing that with you all. What else, the husband and I are still amazing, work has been stressful for him lately, a lot more traveling and things. We bought a Camper trailer a few months new favorite hobby!! I love spending time with my husband and kiddos out there in nature. It is also a great place to practice my other new hobby, photography. It’s something i have always wanted to do, and my awesome husband got me an amazing camera set up for my birthday/valentines day (my birthday is the day after Valentines Day) Then my parents, not knowing what my husband had bought me, also got me a different camera set up for my birthday. SO now i have two really nice cameras and accessories. Right now I have been focusing on scenery and animals around town. It’s really relaxing and actually helps with my anxiety when we travel places. I get to be passenger and focus on what i want to snap pictures of rather then my anxiety.

What else, my kiddos are all getting bigger now; 15, 13 and 12. Its the terrible teen years lol and let me tell you, they are all testing me properly. It is always a bit difficult when your kids are part of a divided family household. My ex husband and I don’t tend to agree on much of anything. So our parenting styles between the two households is very different. I tend to be a bit more structured and strict, and my ex’s house is less of those things. I would love it if we could get on the same page, even if it was a little of both our parenting styles mixed up and split down the middle, but sometimes you just have to chose your battles and let things go. The kids have been on a schooling journey the last couple years. We pulled them from public school to home-school a couple years ago, as i mentioned in another post. It didnt work out for us because i am not a teacher and creating, teaching and grading three different grade levels of work was just a bit too much for me. At the time i was also watching my newborn nephew everyday, so that just added to things. I put them into a Charter school program and that seemed to work out a lot better at first, but i still had my hesitations. So we did that for two school years, and now, my ex and i have decided that these kiddos need to get back to public school. So i am in the process of getting the younger two enrolled into the middle school and my oldest into high school. My nephew is in daycare/school now also, so i can make the journey back into the work world, more on that another time.

Anyways, not a whole lot else i can think to write about tonight. There is of course SO much more to talk about at other times. But this journey is just beginning.

Good night/morning everyone.

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